About Us

(Credit Brian Hogaboom Photography: Poughkeepsie, NY Mid-Hudson Bridge/Historic Walkway Over the Hudson)

     Situated in Southern Poughkeepsie, New York, in the beautiful Hudson River Valley , our business is family owned and operated. Donna, the artist, has been a full-time art teacher for almost two decades. While teaching all forms of art during her tenure, Donna has recently taken over the ceramics program in her high school. After investing her heart, soul, love, and inspiration the program has blossomed from a few classes to now being taught all throughout the school day.      

     Having achieved this accomplishment it allowed Donna to focus on her main art love and college major, ceramics. During this time Donna has vested a lot of her free time into making everyday use, functional pottery. Donna draws her inspiration from the beautiful scenery offered here in the Hudson River Valley.

     Whether out with her family walking, hiking, kayaking, or traveling there are always an array of seasonal colors that are catching her eye near SoPo Pottery Studio. In addition to this, Donna finds inspiration from her two dogs, two children and husband, Alonzo. Alonzo has almost two decades of Law Enforcement experience.

     By trade he is an Elementary Education Major, but shifted his focus to trying to help his community by seeking out a career in Law Enforcement during his Senior year in college. Since then Alonzo has made tremendous strides trying to build and maintain a positive relationship with the youth in his community.

     Over the past several years he has been assigned as a School Resource Officer.  This role has allowed him to achieve his beginning College goal of working in a school with children. Alonzo helps out in the studio by handling shipping, as well as overseeing and maintaining the social media sites.

     While both have different responsibilities in and out of the studio, Donna and Alonzo share the same interests and work great together. Recognizing how fortunate they are, the decision to create SoPo Pottery was seen as a way to give back to their community. As the business continues to grow, both have agreed that there will always be a line of mugs/special times during the year that they will be donating back to charities dear to their hearts.

                                                                                          Now knowing a little about us we hope that you'll not just love our art, you'll live it!